Wednesday, April 13, 2016

...last survey probs

The Basics: ok?
Name: Lauren Ostrander
Age: 21
School: Mississippi State University
Nationality: American...?
Hobbies: Blogging, watching Netflix, talking on the phone, listening to music, just basic stuff.
Love Life: what ab it?
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes
Do you like someone?: yes, my bf
Does anyone like you?: *knife emoji*
Have you ever kissed anyone?: rly
Hugged anyone in the past week?: yes
Who is your best friend?:
Steven, Daniel
Where did you meet them?: here
Did you lose any friends this year?: i lost them last semester
Gain any?: lol no
Meet a special friend?: idk?? i don't like labels.
Did you hang out with any friends in the past week?: yes, i'm not a hermit
New Years Eve
Did you do anything at midnight?:
Steven & I were playing board games with my parents...ouch
Who did you spend it with?: ^^^
Did you have any resolutions?: none of them happened so lets not rehash the past.
Valentines Day
Did you have a Valentine?:
Did you send out any cards/chocolates/etc?: no...
Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend on this day?: yes <3
Did you go on vacation?:
Did you hang out on the beach with friends?: lol i didn't bring anyone to the beach with me but my sister brought 2 friends so i just hung out with them & my brother
How long was your summer break?: the same length as any other person's summer break
Did you get a tan?: lil bit
Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend during the summer?: yes, but it was a different bf
Did you go trick or treating?:
i don't actually remember
If so, who did you go with?: ^^^
Did you dress up?: ^^^
Was it fun?: ^^^^
Who did you spend it with?:
ok this one is I spent the first portion of it with Steven and then we drove up to Starkville together and were gonna go our separate ways at least until after Christmas, but then Daisy got sick (I KNOW) and my parents ended up bringing her to Starkville to be admitted to the WISE Center... So Steven & I ended up staying for like week in the apt until she was released (she was & has since made a full recovery!) and then we went separate ways :(
Did Santa come to your house?: ....
Did you stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve? probably idk
Your Birthday
Who did you spend it with?:
my family lol and ex bf
What did you do?: went out to eat and they bought me a cookie cake and i opened presents etc, nothing special
What did you get?: i don't even remember honestly
When is it?: July 12
Have You Ever: (Yes or No)
Kissed someone:
Hugged someone: yes
Electricuted yourself: lol nice spelling, and yes
Climbed more than 60 feet: idk
Made a Youtube video: i've made videos, and they've gone on facebook unfortunately but never on youtube
Lied to a loved one: who hasn't
Had a nosebleed: who hasn't
Gotten airsick: mmm idk
Been so bored, you just ate food: yes
Not brushed your teeth for a day: yes, go ahead & shame me now
Not showered for a day: yes
Drank alchohol: what's up with the spelling lol, and yes i have
Smoked: yes
Tried drugs: OF COURSE NOT :0
Had a pet: yes
Ran a marathon: yeah right
Had a boyfriend/girlfriend: yes!
5 Do’s
1. Do you play any instruments?:
no, unfortunately
2. Do you play any sports?: no
3. Do you believe in 2012?: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN
4. Do you like cheese?: yes
5. Do you honestly like Obama?: yes
4 If’s
1. If you get $1 Million for breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, would you?:
2. If you were to get $50,000 for killing a rat, would you?: ...yes
3. If you were to choose between your best friend and your brother/sister, who would you choose?:
4. If you were to choose between coke/pepsi or sprite/7up, which would you choose?: pepsi
3 How’s
1. How old do you want to be when you get married?:
mid-20s, early 30s.
2. How many siblings do you have?: 2
3. How did your last Christmas go? it was good
2 When’s
1. When did you have your first kiss?:
i think it was in the 7th grade but idk i don't want to remember
2. When did you last have a piece of cake?: i think for my sister's bday but i could be wrong
1 What same
1. What would you say if the guy/girl you like right now kissed you?: thanks

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