Sunday, April 17, 2016

A very detailed account of my weekend:-\

hello people
i am here to talk about my weekend which is not very exciting but hey at least it's a blog post...
ok so I will start on Friday
I relaxed after my hellish week and tried to recoup from the lack of sleep I got on Wednesday night/Thursday morning bc I was up writing my rough draft...
So I relaxed & tried to sleep throughout Friday but I didn't sleep a wink unfortunately:'-(
Then Daniel had a concert at 7:30 so Steven & I went to support him
I put make-up on and straightened my hair for like the first time in 6 months...
Then we left and I bought myself a frapp and Steven did a survey & got a free large ocean water from sonic (<3life)
So we got to the concert and it was good, my fave song was "entreat me not to leave you" i've been listening to it since then
Then Daniel's fam took us all out to dinner to Bulldog Burger...probably the best burger I've ever had in my life (and yes better than Mugshots) by like 1,000,000!!!!
So Steven & I eventually were able to go to sleep and we set alarms for 6:30 because on Saturday we got to go to Jackson!!! {FUN}ALLY!!!! (just trying to be cute...)
Needless to say we "accidentally" slept in until 8:30 but we quickly packed and were ready by 9:30.
We left and we drove pleasantly until we got to Jackson around 12. Oh yeah, and we stopped for Chickfila breakfast (Steven's favorite)
He got 2 chicken egg and cheese biscuits & a large Diet Coke and I got a 3 ct chicken mini and a spicy chicken biscuit & a large drink... (note to self: don't eat cfa biscuits while driving!!!!!!)
So yeah we got to Jackson around noon, checked in and hung out. Then we went to eat lunch at some point (yes our day revolves around food bye) we ate a P.F Changs...Deluscious...
THEN everyone finally arrived and we went swimming it was very relaxing until a group of like "pre-teen" girls came to the pool and I swear it went from quiet and relaxing to screaming and chaos in like 5 seconds...
So eventually I got SO tired so Steven & I went back to the room while every1 else swam for like another hour...his niece had so much but was avenged when she got a really bad case of swimmer's ear...ouch
Then every1 cleaned up and we went down to the hotel lobby around 5 or 6, because the hotel was having a happy hour where there were snacks like "bar snacks" like cheese and cubes of cheese, pretzels, chips, goldfish etc, and they were serving free drinks!!!
I didn't drink because I just don't like drinking anymore and they were only serving wellwater and wine, both of which were just not my cup of tea (my drink of choice in case any1 cares is an amaretto sour ;))
So Steven ordered a vodka tonic and his mom had wine and his sister got Blue Moon so me and Steven's niece were the only ones not drinking...back to the kiddie table just like my childhood lol jk :\
Then we went upstairs & played Uno & Scattergories then Steven & I went to Panera Bread and brought people food then we went for a drive & then to sleep
Today: will be less detailed
Woke up @ 8am and ate breakfast it was good
Then we packed up and checked out
We drove to the zoo and hung out outside until his fam got there but we convinced them to go to lunch first because we weren't going to stay at the zoo long and we didn't want them to waste their $ bc we r nice like that.
So we went to Olive Garden and we ate I got the usj(sp?)
Then we went out separate ways
We got home around 6 and I've been relaxing since I got back
I showered again (I always feel dirty after being in a hotel idk why)
So yeah that was my weekend
Good talk!

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