Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Playing Catch Up

This is awkward now that I realize how long it's been since I last posted
It's interesting, after reading my blog over, how drastically everything has changed. Where to even start...

I guess we will start with the apartment situation.
Without exposing too much detail, I will just say the apartment complex I was living at and the people I was living with, it just did not work out, to say the least.
I really don't feel that my personal and very public blog is the place to talk about private matters that involve other people, so I will hold my tongue.
I am living with my boyfriend and our best friend, which leads me to another heading...

My current boyfriend is not the boyfriend that I spoke about previously on my blog. Jorge is no longer in the picture. My current boyfriend is Steven, and again, public blog is not a conducive environment to speak about a messy situation involving people other than me. Long story short, there was no cheating involved, just a breakup and a realization there were feelings between two other people.

Those very time consuming life events happened during the span of one semester...as you can imagine, I did not do well in classes. That is to say the least.
If it weren't for academic forgiveness, my GPA would be below a 2.5. 
Currently I am in my second semester of my junior year, having done more work in one month than I did for the entirety of last semester, and I am retaking Spanish II and Critical Writing with one of my favorite teachers. 
I feel much better about this semester and now that my relationship and living situation are old news and are moving forward, I feel ready to begin documenting my life again. 
I began seeing a counselor last semester toward the end of the semester, and she has helped me come up with ways to deal with stress and other issues that come up. 
I also feel it is necessary to mention that another stress related issue that cropped up is that I realized, too late I thought, that I do not want to teach anymore. I never did, I was in denial, and for a time I was confused on what I wanted to do. That made it very hard to maintain motivation when I didn't even know what I wanted to do with my life. 
I am still working out my plan for the future, but I think I want to do something with counseling, and psychoanalysis. 

More on that later.
Expect actual blog posts in the future.

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