Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2 near death experiences & a polite toilet...?

Today was...eventful.
I hung out with Katelyn...had a stoic server at O'Charleys...awkward.
Then we came back and watched "Imaginary Playmate" which is a Lifetime movie:-)
It was...scary?
Then she went home to watch PLL at "6" :-( & I hung out with Nadine at the mall for like 2 hours.
We just sat in the food court it was relaxing, then we went to pick up Katelyn & we went to Ballard park
It deliberately drove away and then even more deliberately MADE A U TURN no
So as you all can guess we drove away as fast as possible!
Then we went to McDonalds (gotta stop doing that...no more eating after 9) & ate mcflurries
I went to a gas station to wash my hands bc they were sticky (sn: inside the bathroom there was a lovely handwritten note on a paper towel that read: "if u sprinkle when u tinkle be a sweetie and wipe the seaty") ok?? I definitely didn't use that seaty
Then when I was walking out I was approached by some obnoxious guys across the road and was like NO!!! I drove away quickly it was not our night I was just no
Then we drove around some more & just talked, then eventually I dropped them both off, & got home but Daisy was acting weird...
Maybe she had a run in with an "imaginary playmate"
But now she is sleeping (what's new) :-)

30 Day Challenge - Day 3: Top 5 Pet Peeves

1. People that say "I hate drama" but then do nothing but start it!!!
    I know this one will make a lot of people roll their eyes like hello cliche, & trust me I'm one of you - in high school I was this person as most people probably are/were but since graduating & spending time at a university (don't get me wrong there is drama!!) there is significantly less...like if my roommate comes home from a bad rehearsal & needs to vent about people in the cast, I will listen and though I try to remain objective, of course I will sort of bad mouth whoever she is pissed at because that's what a good friend does!!! There is a big* difference between doing that and saying "drama sux" then turning around & telling your "friend" that her "friend" said her hair looked stringy (idk ok) & then popping popcorn to watch the inevitable twitter fight. Ugh.

2. People that tap their feet in class.
    Like I'm okay with a constant tapping...and I'm okay with a constant shaking but that person that will keep their feet still and then randomly like their possessed stomp their foot 3 times!!!! Is you okay??? I hate that...makes me ill just thinking about it...I can't...i'm weird ok

3. People that act like they know more about my relationship/my boyfriend than me!!!

4. Hypocrites...
    Especially about religiosity. Just no. Goodbye TC. It's been real, it's been fun but it has NOT been real fun. I am not a very religious person, though I'm studying religion at Mississippi State. Here is an example of my personality: "I want to name my dog Lorde" "Lorde with an E or with just a D" "Well I obvi want to my name my dog after my queen, but definitely with an E bc that would be sacrilegious!!" This is a dumb example but even though I don't particularly practice a certain religion/denomination doesn't mean that you shouldn't respect it (even if you don't agree with certain principles). The point is that there are extremists on both sides of the spectrum - both sides being militant atheists & fanatical Christians, & I just feel like both should respect each other's beliefs system whether they believe in it or not. I don't understand what is difficult about that.

5. Condescending people
    Dear people that act like you know more than me because you are book smart but are actually socially retarded,

30 Day Challenge - Day 2: Where you would like to be in 10 years

ALIVE!!! Lol.
In 10 years (& 12 days) I will be 31 years old... ouch
I would like to be teaching American Lit at some college - I'd love to teach at Mississippi State, but obviously I would need to think about my (hopefully!) spouse, Jorge & where his job takes us.
That reminds me: I would like to be married with at least 1 child (so far).
I would like to be working while in school to get my doctorate:-)
There's really not much more that I want at least atm...
Just a job, degree & fam - pretty simple aspirations haha

Friend Post #2

Introducing: Katelyn
This girl....we go back.
We met in 9th grade & only hung out once, but once 10th grade came around
we were inseparable!!!
We had conversations like these:

"Whose spit was it?"
"I don't even know"
"Why didn't you breathe through your nose?"
"I was kinda distracted."

"Katelyn what are you doing?"
"walking around my house"
"no you're not, you're laying in your bed"
"yeah, I am i don't know why i said that"

"corn is such a cute name for couples"
"its a cute name for a boyfriend to call his girlfriend. HAYY corncob"
"would you want caleb fairley to call you corncob?"

Watching mean girls - kinda reminds me of how we used to be...
With all of our good days, we've had our bad days
but we are back to happy times:-)
Back to riding around, late night mcdonalds, watching movies and eating and talking like we used toooooo
I missed it bc even though college is 100x better than high school,
Kate has & always will be one of the best friends I've ever had
Love u Kate!!! Enjoy PLL @ "6" <3

Monday, June 29, 2015


So in case anyone is confused, the bold parentheticals are my current answers and the regular answers were from June 29... I found this in my drafts and it was funny....
~*The Basics*~ Your full name:  Lauren Paige Ostrander
--What does it mean?: excuse me  
Your birthday:  July 12, 1994
Height:  5'1
Eye colour: Green
--Do you like it?: Yes
Natural hair colour: Medium-dark brown
--Do you like it?: Yes, but I currently have an ombre so my hair is lighter rn (not nemore!)
Gender: Female
Religion: Agnostic
--Have you ever changed religions?: I've switched from Christianity to agnosticism....not really a change idk  
Race: White...? 1/4 Korean...? 
Heritage: AMERICA (rly)
Where do you live?: Mississippi
Have you ever moved cities or countries?: I have moved cities several times
Your job: Student @ Mississippi State <3 {bulldog4life} (screw MSU)
--Do you enjoy it?: Yes (No)
Movie: (OMG too much pressure!!!)
TV show: Orange is the new black (Lie to Me or HTGAWM or House of Cards)
TV character: Klaus Mikaelson from the Originals <3 (Frank Underwood or Claire Underwood or Doug Stamper)
Movie character: (Cher lol)
Book: (i've read too many boox)
Literary character: (i guess Heathcliff)
Author: (what's with all these labels???)
Band: N/A
Song: N/A
Type of music: Pop, hip hop & 90s alternative (eh yeah kinda)
Instrument: Piano (or violin)
Cereal: Special K chocolate (sure)
Fast food place: Zaxbys:) (or Umi)
Dessert: (Cookie cake)
Country: USA (eh)
City: Kansas City or Seattle (Washington DC)

Place to travel: (Europe, idk?)
Airline: Southwest...? IDK!!! (lol)
Shampoo/conditioner: Dove (sure)
Lotion: St. Ives orrrrrr Aveeno idk
Subject in school: Literature
Teacher: Mr. Hinds (11th grade) (or Dr. Mallory-Kani)
Province: This isn't Canada unfortunately  
State (if you're American): idk!
Football team: MSU BULLDOGS:) (please)  
Hockey team: (whatever the dream team was)
Athlete: like i know
Sport to play: none 
Sport to watch: baseball or as the spanish language would say "beisbol" (lol)
Fruit: strawberries/raspberries/blackberries:-)
Vegetable: baked brussel sprouts:)
Snack: (anything savory:-))
Meal: anything from ichiban
Restaurant: ichiban.... (kinda over it but not completely)
Grocery store: Walmart (I CAN NEVER FIND MY WAY OUT OF KROGER) (i've discovered my way out of Kroger)
~*Have You Ever*~ 
Gone on a blind date?: heck no that's dangerous 
Flown in an airplane?: yes 
Thrown up on an airplane?: no 
Peed in the shower?: yes...?
Peed your pants after you hit double digits?: in my sleep maybe idk i don't wanna talk about it  
Enjoyed Shakespeare?: Yes <3 king lear:'-( (why did i even put king lear???)
Been to the opera?: no
Been to the theatre?: yes
Streaked?: no 
Seen a streaker?: no 
Been mooned?: no...
Mooned someone?: (N/A but no)
Flipped someone off?: yes...I just flipped my window off bc there is a bird that keeps slamming into it!!!! (this made me LOL!)
Been in a fist fight?: no 
Been drunk?: yes, I hate it - I can't drink judge me (it's awful)
Had alcohol poisoning?: probably...don't chug hunch punch, just no (thank u Steven ily)
Been walked in on while you're naked?: yes 
Slept in a snowbank?:  WHAT (okay? is this perks of being a wallflower lol)
Made a snow angel?: yes 
Lost any teeth?: I am a full grown adult so yes, all of them  
Been in the hospital?: yes 
Been in a major accident?: no
Burnt yourself?: yes i stuck my hand in a boiling pot of water...don't ask (i don't even know why i did that) 
Passed out?: when i do a leg workout (lol)
Watched a soap opera you didn't understand?: i don't watch soap operas
Prank called 911?:  no
Made fun of emos?: yes, & i was a (wannabe) emo don't judge!!! 
Acted like an emo, just to see what it's like?:  YES!!^^^^
Cheated on a test?: not that i can remember
Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes
Lied to get out of trouble?: yes 
Started a fire?: yes, in my room in my trashcan it burned my carpet, i got the lighter taken away (lol)
Roasted a marshmallow?:  yes
Set a marshmallow on fire?:  yes
--How many times?:  i don't count my failures (OMG)
Wanted to drop out of school?: yes  
--Did you?: no
Are you single or dating?: dating (true but not)
If single...do you like anyone?: n/a 
--If so, who?: n/a 
--Why?:  n/a
--Do you have a chance with them?:  n/a
If taken...who?: Steven Romero
--How long?: 6 months
--Are you happy?: yes <3
Last 4 digits of your phone number: 6251
Your house number:  lol (ok did jeffrey dahmer write this survey)
Why are you taking this survey?: i am bored af (same)
What school do you go to?:  Mississippi State University
--Do you like it?: yes (no)
Your school colours?: maroon & white
Your school teams' name?: bulldogs  
Ever been on a sports team?: yes 
--If yes, what was the name of it?: i was a cheerleader for the panthers...other than that i don't remember the names bc i block out bad memories (same)
--Did you enjoy it?: heck no 
What do you want to be when you grow up?:  an english professor (oh how things change...I'd like to be a lawyer)
--Why?:  because i have always wanted to teach & i want to teach students that are actually interested not punk high school kids that don't care (because I feel that I would be good at it and it interests me, is that good enough for u)
Any plans for the near future?: within 5 years I would like to be working on my MA (studying for the LSAT, and getting into a law school)
What are your views on capital punishment?: depends on the crime (eh yeah kinda)
--Nuclear weapons?: bring em on lol (excuse me lauren)
--Euthanasia?: are we nazis? if no then go away (...)
--The Canadian government?: smart 
--The American government?: corrupt (anyone seen house of cards, good joke america) (eh yeah kinda)  
--The European Union?: idk anything about them tbh (same)
--The UN?: FDR:) back then it was league of nations tho (thanks for the irrelevant history lesson...)
--Can you tell me who the Secretary-General of the UN is?: ban ki-moon (i googled:-)) (LOL)
What was your favourite grade of elementary school?: probably none idk 
--Why?: bc they were all terrible! 
What are you wearing right now?: a maroon shirt that say "maroon madness" & black nike shorts whats new  (A black shirt and blue nike shorts, nothing's changed)
--Any particular reason why?: i wanted to be comfortable 
What was the last thing you ate?: o'charleys:o) (perry cafeteria:-((()
If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?: apricot lol or cerulean or.........lavender <3 (i'm ok with any of those except apricot...rly)
How are you feeling today?: pretty good, my throat is a little scratchy lol (i'm starving!)
How many keys are on your keychain?: 2 (4!)
--What are they for?: one is to my car & one is a spare to Jorge's car (1 is to "my apartment" that I don't even feel comfortable staying at, a mailbox key for the same apt complex, a bedroom key for that same apartment, Steven's apt key, and my car keys so sorry scratch that the correct answer is 5)
What does the room you're in look like?:  white walls with blue accents; sink & cabinets to the left, doors to the right, & a bed in the middle (white walls, a bathroom across the room, the windows are open and a bed in the middle - LOL Steven doesn't decorate)
--Do you like the room?: yes (if we weren't so messy...)
Do you own an iPod?: not anymore unless u count owning an iphone
--If yes, what kind?: ^^^^
Do you wear glasses or contacts?:  glasses
What's your view on laser eye surgery?: no just no!!!!  
--Would you ever consider it?: heck no 
Weirdest thing about your parents: (their personalities)
What did you do this weekend?: (went to tupelo to get my haircut, then went to a card shop because Steven and Daniel wanted to play some tournament, and I hung out with Katelyn, then we drove back on Saturday morning at 5am and we all passed out until like 2pm then we worked on our soc papers until we ate then we came back and watched bob's burgers then we went to sleep then woke up on sunday and i wrote my paper but we had a psych test on monday and i was worried if i went to sleep that i wouldn't wake up so we pulled an all nighter until 5pm monday evening....
--Was it enjoyable?: (no)
What's your greatest fear?: claustrophobia:) oh and suffocation 
Your greatest strength?: not my arms (lol)
What country do you fear the most: china (excuse me lauren)
Have you ever been in a third-world country?: yes
--Would you ever want to live in one?: why would i want to do that 
What song do you have stuck in your head right now?: "stop don't talk to me" - OITNB cast<3 (idk)
Will poverty ever end?: doubtful 
--Why or why not?: because that's how society works, i will link dr. boydstun's (intro to soc prof) email address below lol:) (i was such a sarcastic little twit)
Will we destroy our own planet?: probably 
--How?  pollution
Man--inherently good, or inherently evil?: i'll just say this - tabula rasa (sure)


it is closed until the July 13th sooo we waited in the car for 20 minutes...

Friend Post #1

hello friends
introducing, meg:
    This girl is stupid.
you can probably tell by the picture......
she is my best friend tho
she is funny without trying to be & i enjoy spending time just watching movies, beating her on trivia crack & talking about morbid things & laughing at things that would make people uncomfortable
she is sitting next to me talking about how kim k is a gold digger bc she won't give everyone unlimited k cash on her game
she is being harassed by simon.....

here is a gem

Pointless Post

Watching 4 Weddings.......
This one girl just said she had an "emotional connection to hot dogs"
I ate some M&Ms:)))))
Oh & that Mcd's last night at 1 am was pretty freakin good, js
Trying to beg my brother to get chickfila but he just keeps responding with "idk"
Does he hate me?
Talk more soon

Love love,

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wow is this real life

Hello world
I am on NyQuil & I am currently falling asleep as I type this wow
I can feel my eyes moving in different directions
Watching fatal attraction
This woman named hoda is hosting like what kind of name is that
I had a weird thought earlier and I want to share it
Too bad I don't remember
Daisy was shivering so I put a blanket on her and she has stopped 
She must have been cold
This feeling (right before falling asleep) is wow 
I "snuck out" & got McDonald's
I say snuck out in quotations bc it wasn't really a secret I just didn't tell my parents but my brother knew!!!!
I am so bad
This is so sad
I am trying to think of what I thought about earlier but just no
Hey this officer is named "furtada" is he related to nelly...I'm like a bird gn  

30 Day Challenge - Day 1: Your current relationship

Now playing: Marvin Gaye (Let's Get It On) by Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor
Pretty much sums up my whole relationship. LOL!

So much to say about good ole Jorge (pronounced George by the way)
I recently found my old {emo} blog about my ex from high school...I never realized how much I actually deserved until I met Jorge. 
He is a whole new world compared to what I was getting.
He makes me feel whole & like I am a person who deserves to be loved.
He is my best friend, & no one can make me laugh like him (the things he says/does is just hilarious, I can't)
I've never met a MAN (bc my ex was not a man - no real man would act like that) who cares so much & goes out of his way to make me happy - his phrase is "whatever makes you happy" and he means that
He will stop playing video games which is his life blood to watch Dance Moms or Toddlers & Tiaras with me because its something I like to do (whether or not he likes it doesn't matter) He may call 5 year olds sluts but he sits through it for me.
He has grown so much throughout our relationship & that makes me love him even more because it proves he really cares & tries. 
He used to apologize like this: *says something mean/offensive* "sorry you took it wrong" 
EXCUSE ME????????
Now he apologizes like this "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings"
<333 that's more like it
He is the exact opposite of me in almost every way, he loves huge groups of people:( and he draws energy from that, but me; I will shut down, and cry and just no
But instead of getting annoyed because it ruins his time & I know it does, he will go out of his way to hold me, or make sure I am comfortable or (worst case scenario) he will get me out of the environment.
I love him more than anybody else I have ever loved. (the thing I had with my ex was not love - it was more of an obsession...on both sides - not real).
He's my soul m8, and I hope I can be lucky enough later in the future to stay with him for the rest of my life.

Dear Jorge (bb),
If you're reading this, I love you so much. Thank you for always being there for me. Thanks for making me laugh until I cry/can't breathe, thanks for watching "5 year old sluts" with me & understanding me on a level no one else ever could.

You're my favorite,
Your bb, 
Lauren <3

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Just gonna leave this here.....


I'm literally dying, like....I can't breathe and I will be dead soon



IT TOOK ME 45 TIMES TO PUBLISH MY PREVIOUS POST OMGFHBIUHDOIHDJKHFOIHFPIOIOJHNKHDKUJD like it keep saying "error: tag 3 is broken" like okay???? what does that mean??? bye

For the life of me I can not believe we'd ever die For these sins We were merely freshmen

It's 2pm and I haven't left or seen anyone today, which for me is very rare.
Usually I'm being sent on errands or in classes (they're over now, thank god!) or someone wants to hang out but not today!!
Kate and Nadine both work (what's new) and Meg isn't feelings good (if u don't want to hang out just tell me the truth:))))))!!!) hahahaha, and my parents have been gone since before I woke up.
I showered and tried to style my hair like lorde's & it's definitely curlier than usual, but I haven't perfected it yet. I've just been blogging, creeping, thinking about watching a movie on netflix/prime, and relaxing!!! It's actually nice.
Usually when I am at home I feel stressed out, but today is magical:) Daisy is still in bed haha (what's new) & I am listening to 90s alternative radio on pandora <3 
I just listened to freshmen by the verve pipe and my eyes teared up a little - that's an emotional song idk why
Today is nice - I am clean and smell good, and I am laying in bed in sweatpans that Jorge bought <3
and ugh its peaceful:))))))) lol

I'm ok with a lazy Saturday

Today I woke up at 10 and Jorge called me before work <3
Then I got up and listened to some music, pretending to act out certain scenarios but basically failing because people kept texting me...so I would be listening to something like "loyal" and I would start getting into the lyrics then*bzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz* so then I eventually stopped that...maybe it was for the best bc it is a little embarrasing...Then I layed in bed and ate some teriyaki beef jerky - not the best choice for breakfast in bed lol. Then I went inside to make a turkey sandwich but I decided to reheat some fried rice...again not the best choice for breakfast, now my mouth feels salty and greasy, ugh.
Daisy is laying in bed next to me, being lazy as always, and I feel sleepy but I am about to go shower so I can do my hair like Lorde's...

I am a pathetic white girl, just let me live my life, okay

Love love,

P.S. here is what I probably looked like when I was jamming earlier...:

Friday, June 26, 2015


Just finished watching The Purge...
It was so frustrating!!! Like the son, ugh. He should have been purged.
& the daughter.......>:-((((((((
What a rude, selfish slut! Her boyfriend went down and tried to shoot her dad, and then when her dad shot back and hit him, she screamed and dragged him out of the way...like I would have grabbed the gun and just...no
The situations were so dumb...like how hard is it to just cooperate with the people, they were fairly civil then u had to piss them off.
Just, ughhhhhh
I thought the purge was supposed to release pent up frustration and aggression...
Anway, before all of this happened, Kate and I went to Walmart and got some snax, then when we got home, Mitch, his gf and Sydney were waiting to (we thought purge) but instead silly string us!!! & it got in my mouth - that stuff tastes like straight up chemicals
What a weird/interesting/funny night

Just took nyquil and I will sleep in tomorrow for the first time in 4 weeks...so excited


Watching SYTTD - wish I worked at bridals by Lori, js!

Answer this quiz with ONE word only.
What do you like the most about earth? pizza
Name one friend you would eat for 1,000,000$? um
Would you kill a dog for 1 million dollars? ugh!!!
What should you be doing right now? anything
Where do you want to be right now? here
What’s your goal in life? teacher
Would you like to be a taxi driver? why
Worst memory of school? bitches
Who’s your worst enemy? jr
Whats your worst fear? pain
Ever laughed so hard that you wet yourself? no
Have you ever ate and then puked it out on purpose? bulimia:)
Had gossip written about you on the bathroom wall? probably
Do you like yourself? yes
Do you like men, or women? men
Are you single? no
If not, Are you married? no
Are you secretly in love? yes
Do you have a diary? yes
Have you ever stayed in the shower for more than 1 hour? yes
Do you sing in the shower? sometimes
Do you own a laptop? yes:-)
Do you own a camera? no
What would you like to be later on in life? teacher
Do you wear glasses? yes
Favourite song? hard
Last book you read? papertowns (how r u supposed to type the last book you read if it is more than 1 word..)
Favourite TV show? OITNB!!! <3 & SYTTD (Atlanta)
Have you ever used a sex toy? WAT
Just gonna stop answering in 1 word now...
Are you religious? i'm agnostic...so I'm not against religion and I believe there is something out there, I just don't really practice any denomination #NOJUDGING
How old are you? 20 - soon to be 21 in less than a month
Are you a man? no
If so, have you hit puberty yet? i am a woman and have hit puberty, is that not important
Ever fallen asleep in the shower? i don't think so
Live with your parents? during the summer
Have a car? yes
Have more than 100$ in your wallet? LOL!
Seen someone get killed\or die in front of you? no thank u
Have siblings? yes
Fantasized about your teacher? i have fantasized about several different teachers, what else am i gonna do in class
Wanted to kill someone? ...lets just say i am in favor of the purge
Stuck your gum under a table? i tried...it never stuck
Said I love you, and actually meant it? yes!!
Called someone a slut? yes
Been called a slut? yes

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Not a slut nor do I go out but...

This is still a really good list. I might actually be going out with my friends since Jorge won't be at school with me this semester/year...so these are good ideas - minus the condoms and yeah

This is what happens when I am bored...

Name: lauren ostrander
Birth Date: july 12, 1994
Current Location: my house
Hair Color: dark brown
Righty/Lefty: righty

Your fear: besides being hurt by people I love, claustrophobia & drowning
Your dream of the perfect date: going out to dinner with Jorge, having a good time the whole time and then going back and maybe watching a movie/tv show together
Your best friend(s): meg, mackenzie, katelyn, nadine & rachel

Your thoughts first waking: "oh lord"
Your best physical feature: my eyes & hair:)
Your bed time?: whenever I please; mostly 1 hour after I take melatonin...
Your most missed memory: hanging out with katelyn & nadine in high school...but I don't miss high school, just no.

Pepsi or Coke: diet pepsi:) with lemon:)
McDonald's or Burger King: ....mcdonald's. 
Adidas or Nike: chacos.
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla

Take showers: um, am I animal? 
Like(d) school: yes!!!
Believe what goes around comes around: yes!
Believe everything happens for a reason: it makes accepting things easier, that's for sure.
Think you're a health freak: I'm becoming more of one

Gone to the mall: yes
Been on stage: no, thank god
Eaten sushi: I LUV SUSHI
Been hurt: mmm, not really
Dyed your hair: yes, my mom recently ombred my hair <3

Got beaten up: almost, lol
Changed who you were to fit in: yes!!! in 6th grade...I got called a poser, so that didn't really work out

Age you're hoping to be married by: earliest: 25 latest: 28-30
How many kids do you want to have?: two

1 MINUTE AGO: looking up a word for my fam (they are playing scrabble)
1 HOUR AGO: talking on the phone with jorge
1 WEEK AGO: either watching netflix, hanging out with a friend or asleep...idk
1 YEAR AGO: i can barely remember what I did this morning....

I FEEL: like I want to take my bra off but there is extended fam around rn
I HATE: when my hair falls in my face like it is rn
I LOVE: a lot of things/people

I am embarrassing myself.


Today I hung out with Katelyn & Nadine - we went to BWW and had a rude server...
Great story, IKR.
I don't really know what to say...just trying to say things to get them out of my head, I guess.
We drove around a lot and went to Fair Park, we were gonna have a photoshoot but then we started sweating so that came to an end fast...
Yeah, as Meg would say: "first world problems"
That is a pic that we took, if it doesn't work then follow me on Insta!!!
I feel embarrassed/cheesy just writing this post, so maybe I will try again later.

Love love,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My sister's an uncivilized beast...


read this you retards

Heyyyyy it's syd and cam and we are looking @ lauren's retarded blog!!! syd (me) is laurens sis and cam is my friend. ok bye to all the losers who read this

First post in years!!!

Omg I haven't blogged in years.... Thought it would be fun to just post something for posterity. Maybe it will be a good laugh a few years from now. Or a few weeks. Or hours.
Listening to Pandora in my kitchen because life as a 20 year old in Tupelo is just...no. 
Post more when something actually happens.

Love love,